Morris Timber Holdings, Inc.

Buying Timber & Land since 1982

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Who We Are

Morris Timber Holdings, Inc. is a Timber and Land Procurement Company located in East Texas.  The Company originated in 1982 and currently operates in 23 counties in East Texas.  We primarily focus on buying Timber and Land with a minimum of Twenty-Five acres in size.

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  • Timber Procurement
  • Land Procurement
  • Management Plans
  • Free Consultations


Texas Forestry Association

Texas Logging Council

Texas Forest Service

US Forest Service


We have learned through our experiences that each individual landowner usually has a unique set of goals when it comes to their land.  We will meet with you and/or your consultant on your property to explore and discuss all options available.


Morris Timber Holdings, Inc. staff takes great pride in this industry.  We have a combined knowledge base of sustainable forestry practices, environmental awareness, and maximizing timber products.